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Cross Court PEI Tournament Success

Wow, what an amazing weekend for Squash! 40 Participants from across PEI competed in

Cross Court PEI Tournament at the Spa Total Fitness Center. Competition was fierce! We had tough squashers come out for their first tournament (where have you been all this time??) and our court rats that can't get enough of the sport all having a great time.

Congrats to all our participants for leaving it all on the courts during the tournaments. Our division winners are as follows:

Division 5 Winner - Malcolm McIntryre Division 5 Cons. Winner - Seana Evans-Renaud

Division 4 Winner - Kirk Ramsay Division 4 Cons. Winner - Daniel Lazaratos

Division 3 Winner - Jonathon Arsenault

Division 3 Cons. Winner - Tobias Cheeseman

Division 2 Winner - Charlie Peacock Division 2 Cons. Winner - Ty Good

Division 1 Winner - Steve Bruce Division 1 Cons. WInner - BJ MacLean

Thank you for everyone that came out to play with great attitudes. As tournament hosts, we love to see everyone having a good time.

A very special thank you to JF Vincent Rocan, Seana Evans-Renaud, and our new tournament director Andy Ellsworth for going above and beyond this weekend to ensure we ran smoothly. Your work is greatly appreciated.

Speedy recovery on the squash butt everyone.


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