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Great Time at Mill River Open

What a great time the 30th Annual Mill River Open!

This was one of the largest turn outs we’ve had in a long time. It was awesome to have new faces join us as some were stepping into their first tournaments and some their first time playing on red soil.

Mill River has always been a great host for this tournament with gift cards, snacks, social suite, and don’t forget that hot tub. Special thanks to Luke MacKinnon for bringing in all those ADL chocolate milks and giant block of cheese that Ashley Cullis was super excited about taking home. Great little treat when coming off the court.

Everyone brought their A game! No one came off the court in a dry shirt. There were amazing rallies, between the leg shots, tight to the line drops, Liam Jinks basically did the splits, and opponents pushed themselves hard that had the crowd cheering and slapping the glass with excitement.

Andrew Avery and Tylan Robinson made sure we were all set up and ready for a good time. Thanks guys for looking after us! Ken Sampson, JF Vicent-Rocan, and Chris MacIntyre put in some long hours making sure we ran smoothly and sometimes even 30 mins ahead of time! Thanks for all your hard work and organization guys.

Shout out to Squash NB and Seb Michaud for live streaming court 1! We had a few viewers cheering our players on outside of Mill River.

Jr. Division – 1st place, Evelyn Peacock; 2nd place, Emily Gallant; 3rd place Louis Webster

Men’s D Division – Winner, Ahmed Hassan; Runner Up, Josh Blackeney; Cons. Winner, Ajit Balasundaram

Women’s C/D – Winner, Lorraine MacDonald; Runner Up, Gail Lethbridge; Cons. Winner, Heather Bandy

Men’s C – Winner, Charlie Peacock; Runner Up, Jordan Chandler; Cons. Winner, Sean Melanson

Men’s B – Winner, JF Vincent-Rocan; Runner Up, Luke MacKinnon; Cons. Winner, Luke Poirier

Women’s A/B – Winner Ashley Cullis; Runner Up, Megan Nearing; Cons. Winner, Arlene Brooks

Men’s A – Winner Liam Jinks; Runner Up, James Wiseman; Cons. Winner, Samuel Gallant

More photos to come.


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