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Fall Programming

How lucky are we to be in a bubble that allows us to play sports this fall! It's that time of the year to get back on the courts and Squash PEI has some programming in place. PLEASE NOTE! We are operating out of the Spa Total Fitness Center and there are restrictions in place. The Spa is only allowing their own members to access the courts. Day passes are not available at this time unless we have special permission for an event (IE Rust Remover). Please read and comply with the following rules to ensure we are allowed to keep running our programming safely.

  • Participants will be asked to follow rules already in place set by the Spa Total Fitness Center

  • Participants will be asked to bring their own towels and water

  • Participants are asked to sanitize their hands and the court door handles before their match

  • Squash PEI rep will sanitize the bench before and after programming

  • Participants are asked to show up on time for their match time and leave once it’s over. There is limited space in the court area so maintaining 6 ft from others should be achievable if people don’t stay to socialize before and after their game in the squash area.

  • Squash PEI will not be running large group training

  • Anyone who has symptoms associated with COVID-19 are asked to reschedule their match until after they have been tested negative

There has been no response from someone to help run a league at Mill River Resort but once this person is secure, we hope to run league in the west end of PEI too.

Because we can't run large group programming, Jr Programming will be arranged between participants and coaches. See below for coaches and thier contacts:

BJ MacLean - Recreational Coaching Certification and many years experience with Squash

John Power - National Canada Games Coaching Certification and many years experience with Squash

Lyndon Oulton - Many years experience with Squash

Nicole Blanchard - Recreational Coaching Certification and many years experience with Squash

WEDNESDAY NIGHT LEAGUE AT THE SPA Starts Oct. 14th This is open to all levels and Jrs. $20 with a 5 game match, guarantee. Register here : Sign up through

RUST REMOVER TOURNAMENT Spa Total Fitness Center, Oct. 17-18 - Mark your calendars Open to both members and non- members of the Spa and all levels and ages. Free with a purchase of your Squash PEI Membership No Frill, just fun Announcement will be made to sign up through clublocker.

Exciting news! We hope to see you soon

Squash PEI


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